Marijuana after retinal detachment surgery?

Miles Asked: Marijuana after retinal detachment surgery?
Asking again because no one seemed to know yesterday.

I’m wondering if there is any danger associated with smoking cannabis after undergoing scleral buckle surgery for a detached retina. I understand that it will increase blood flow to the eye, which would have an, at best, minimal therapeutic effect. I’m more concerned with the changes in ocular pressure. There is an air bubble injected inside the eye during the procedure and I don’t know if the change in ocular pressure that occurs from cannabis smoking would be enough to either create problems for the bubble, and by extension vision, or create an environment that would be dangerous for the recovering retina.

Alcohol and cigarette smoke have a minimal effect on the recovery, but I wonder if anyone knows if this extends to cannabis as well.

This is not for copious amounts, but for moderate ingestion for relaxation etc.

Any M.D.’s out there that can answer this, or anyone in the know? It’s difficult to find info online because the debate over marijuana use for glaucoma treatment dominates search queries.


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  1. Spectacle says:

    This is a question for your surgeon to answer for you. Only they know. No one in here would know enough about the given medical condition to be able to answer this without seeing the patient.

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